04 January 2019 1 min read

Stockland has design guidelines in place to ensure that all homes are developed in harmony with the surrounds, whilst working together to create stunning streetscapes.

Design Application

In most cases your builder will take care of submitting your design application for you. If you are doing this yourself, we have made it easy for you with I-Scope: a custom-designer program for all Stockland purchasers and building partners.

For assistance with submitting your design application, watch i-Scope videos below. If you wish to submit your application, simply  log onto i-Scope.

Need more help? Please email your queries to design@stockland.com.au

Stockland Builders Portal is replacing iScope for all builders on 10 October 2016. As a Builder you will be asked to re-register and accept revised terms and conditions. iScope remains open only to complete existing design applications. Online training is available here