24 July 2018 2 min read

Construction on a new 22-hectare lake at Newport has passed the half-way mark with around 1,420,000 cubic metres of earth excavated from the site so far. Watch the Channel 7 news clip below to discover more.

Every day more than two Olympic swimming pools of earth are removed from the lake site, which is due to be filled with two billion litres of sea water on completion. The soil is redistributed to help in the construction of other parts of the 143-hectare development site.

The lake will be the jewel in the crown of Newport providing a fantastic recreational facility for people who enjoy boating and water sports with direct access to Moreton Bay. It will also provide beautiful water views for residents as they make the most of the future foreshore parks, footpaths, cycle ways and planned waterside retail and dining opportunities.

When the lake is completed it will have high mast access to Moreton Bay via a lock and two shared use zones for light paddle craft. Construction on the lake is expected to be completed by late 2018.