28 April 2021 2 min read

Newport is known for its relaxed coastal vibe, designer homes, expansive outdoor spaces and welcoming community.

At the heart of this community is Newport’s town centre. Currently a popular meeting place, the proposed centre is set to become a thriving smorgasbord of specialty shops, food offerings and medical / health facilities. 

Responsible for bringing this vision to life is Axis Capital, and we recently caught up with Director Brett Gillan to discuss the latest update on Newport’s town centre plan.  

How is the precinct coming along?
The precinct project is really starting to kick along with retailers having a renewed sense of optimism and looking to grow and open new businesses.  As a result, we have been putting together a group of high quality retailers for the tenancies at Newport who share our vision for the centre.  From our experience, the quality and mix of retailers is critical and worth taking the time to get right. 

Over the coming months, what can we expect to see happening in the precinct? 
There are some really exciting developments for the town precinct. We are in the final design phase, as the individual needs of retailers into the centre’s design have now been incorporated. We have now commenced the process of engaging a builder to start construction, and due to the level of detail in precinct’s design, this process will take a number of months. In the meantime, after Easter we will start to clean up the site by removing stockpiles and trimming vegetation. We also look forward to unveiling some imagery of the centre in the next few weeks. 
Can you announce any tenants or do you have any other general information which would be of interest to Newport’s residents? 
The supermarket is going to be an IGA and will have a particular focus on fresh produce with an innovative fit-out that is modern and unique to the Peninsula. There will be a medical centre and allied health area which will include physiotherapy.  We are negotiating with a number of specialty tenancies but at this stage, we can also confirm a Pilates/Yoga studio and gym, patisserie/bakery/coffee shop and sushi restaurant.  We hope to announce more in the near future.