19 October 2017 2 min read

"We moved up from Sydney to Queensland 27 years ago and after looking around Brisbane for a while we sold our house in Sydney and bought at Scarborough.

Gary Scott

“When I heard about Stockland buying the land at Newport we immediately thought that something pretty special would be coming, especially with the lake and the shopping area.

“The lakefront block is our third one in Newport. We are almost finished building our first house and have also bought another block as an investment.

“We will soon be moving into the first house and then start building on the lakefront block once we get the title next year.

“Metricon will be building our house and of course, Crown Pools, will be doing the pool. We have also decided to go with a boardwalk and pontoon, which will add extra space to our land.

“We are downsizing to a 10.5m frontage block and don’t want the big yard any more. We do a fair bit of travelling so will just be able to leave home and have the lawn mowed and the pool checked once every few weeks.

“It will be a 2-minute walk to Sunday lunch on the Newport waterfront – what could be better than lunch and drink on a Sunday afternoon in a location like this?”

Crown Pools is already building around a dozen pools for future residents of Newport and expect to start several more in the coming months.

Gary, 52, is building a two-storey home with Metricon. “We walked into the third house in the display village – a Hamptons-style home – and said ‘give us one of those please’. It will fit perfectly on our block.

“I used to be a boating person but haven’t had much time for it in recent years. I will probably buy a little boat in future and keep it on our pontoon at Newport.”

Crown Pools is based at Anzac Avenue, Kippa Ring, not far from Newport.

Gary says the local community has really warmed to the Stockland development in recent months. Some of the buyers are local but they also coming from all over the place.