05 January 2021 2 min read

A pool. Yes or no? In our beautiful Sunshine state this home topic always causes some real heat…especially during a scorching summer!

Throw in an idyllic waterside location such as Newport and you’ve really got a debate on your hands. 

If you’re thinking about whether or not to take the pool plunge, consider the following points. 

Are you only looking to add value to your home? 
Given the costs of installing and maintaining a pool, if your answer to the above is yes, it may be worth looking at other ways to add value to your home. Does your kitchen or bathroom need to be renovated or does your home need to be landscaped?

Have you considered costs? 
Aside from the obvious outlay for a pool’s installation, set-up and fencing; it’s worth researching your pool’s impact on any water, electricity and insurance bills. 

How is your backyard used?
Keep in mind your block size and think about how a pool, paved area and fence will work within its parameters.  Experts suggest having open backyard space that’s at least equal to the size of a pool. 

Where should you place your pool? 
It’s vital to consider a pool’s placement. In addition to possible regulatory requirements (distance from property lines, fencing requirements, drainage, etc) look for maximum sun exposure, and if you have young children it’s a good idea to have a pool located within the sight line of a home’s interior. 

How often do you think you’ll use a pool?
2020 has seen many families spending more quality time at home together, and this sentiment is one of the main reasons why people choose to have their own pool. A pool can act as a central hub for family / friends, and provide endless hours of entertainment in your own backyard.