04 March 2020   

5 min read
Townhome living isn’t a new concept, it’s been part of the fabric of Australian housing for decades, however the architectural designs have improved so significantly over the years that more and more Australian’s are choosing to upgrade or downsize and live the townhome lifestyle.

Sometimes it can be hard to decipher between your options so we’ve put together the top 7 benefits of townhome living which should help in your decision-making process.


Top 7 Benefits of Townhome Living

1. More time to live and less time on maintenance

When purchasing a townhome, you’re immediately reducing the amount of time you will spend on mowing, yard maintenance and general upkeep. More time for the better things in life! 



2. Pay on completion

Forget about making the progress payments throughout the land and building process.  Simply pay your deposit upon signing your contract and the remainder upon completion. You benefit by having more time to save and not having to worry about paying a construction loan.


3. Lock-up and leave

When you purchase with Stockland, you automatically become an integral part of a carefully planned community.  It is here that security, safety and convenience is at the heart of what we do. Each property requires a low level of ongoing maintenance, simply lock up and leave whenever you’re getting off on your next adventure. 



4. Architecturally designed and built by reputable partners

Newport Townhomes are being built by Hutchinson Builders and the architect is Hollindale Mainwaring Architecture.



5. Single contract

Signing just one contract at a fixed price means you’re able to lock in the full cost of your new home ahead of the construction completion date. You don’t have to worry about multiple contracts with this seamless and easy process. 



6. Move in sooner

You don’t need to spend months finding the right block, choosing a builder and managing the building process. All the hard work has been done for you, so that you can move into your brand new home sooner. 


7. Freehold property

One of the main differences to townhome living at the Newport Townhomes is that these are freehold properties. This gives you the freedom to live the way you want without an ongoing fee or by-laws.


For more information about the Newport Townhomes, please call 1300 619 605.