19 April 2021 2 min read

What’s Hot For Homes In 2021

At the forefront of creating incredible award-winning luxury homes, CMA Director Chris Baptista offered the latest insights into what’s currently #trending this year for homes. 

What are the main factors influencing home trends?  

Without a doubt from fashion to new homes, social media is one of the biggest trend influencers. It’s an easily accessible platform with endless ideas to draw inspiration from.   

The other main avenue is through home and renovation building television shows such as The Block. On a regular basis, clients will come to us with concepts and design ideas they’ve seen on this show.

Due to Covid, many people have been spending a large amount of time at home.
Has this guided any trends in 2021?

Covid has definitely had an impact on home trends for 2021. From what we have seen, Covid has resulted in many people spending more time at home for work purposes and also due to the travel restrictions. 

The recent trend created by Covid is to make a home like a resort, so that you pretty much don’t have to leave. From swimming pools, to ducted air, media rooms and home offices, clients are investing more into their homes because they know they will be spending more time there.

Are there any major styles trending this year? 

The Hamptons style has increased in popularity a lot over the past year and is predicted to continue to do so because this style is quintessentially beautiful and creates a homely feel.

The second recent trend (which is very much trending on social media), is the Mediterranean vibe. It’s on fire at the moment and people can’t get enough of it! This trend is also spreading in restaurants, hair salons, bars and more recently new homes. And for a good reason previously mentioned, in 2021 it’s all about making home a resort.

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