18 January 2018   

5min read
We recently spoke with one of our future residents, Jean Smith, to find out what she loves about North Lakes and why she purchased one of our Vida townhomes. Watch the video and read the Q&A below to find out!

Us: Hi Jean, can you tell us what it was about the location of North Lakes that appealed to you most?

JS: We bought a home in North Lakes about 6 years ago, and we just loved living in North Lakes. It really is a master planned community, and it just provides an excellent lifestyle. Everything you need is in close proximity. You’ve got shops and entertainment and great eating places, great transport, medical services, libraries, schools – you know, everything you want is really close.

And for us, one of the things we really loved the most was the 80kms of cycle paths and walking tracks. There’s just so many beautiful places. We get up at 4:30 in the morning to go for our bike ride, and it’s just at the moment when everything is waking up, and there’s animals everywhere, there are birds, the lake, and everything – it’s just really beautiful.

Us: Wow, sounds ideal! So what was it that drew you to the Vida community in particular?

JS: Well I’m 60, my husband is 66, so we’re just feeling like we’re going into the next stage our lives, and we don’t want to have a bigger block of land where we have to look after it. You know, it takes a fair bit of work the one we’ve got now. And so, the main thing about Vida was that it really was perfect for the next stage of our lives. It’s located so close to the town centre, and the bus interchange, as well as being really close to Lake Eden – which we love.

When we saw the design of the townhouses, there were all of these different architecturally designed homes. We really liked the centre park, the swimming pool and BBQ area, and then when we went down to the sales office and we saw what the kitchens and bathrooms looked like, we saw they had really nice inclusions, which is what we’ve got in our current house. And so, it felt like a place where we’d like to be!

For us, getting one of the ones down the bottom, which has a view of Lake Eden was just an incredible bonus. And I suppose the other thing about it is that it is a gated community and so hopefully we’ll be able to develop a bit of a community within Vida as well. To be a bit connected would be really good for us. So yeah, those are the main things!

Us: Fantastic! You mentioned the kitchen and bathroom inclusions stood out, were there any other aspects of the Galilee townhome that first grabbed your attention, or that you were really drawn to?

JS: Yeah, one of the things for us is that it is a four-bedroom townhouse, and because we shifted here from New Zealand six years ago, we have family that come and stay with us a lot. So it’s ideal with having enough room for them. The other thing is that we have two granddaughters with a disability who come to us every day at 6 o’clock in the morning, and they then stay over sometimes – so it’s got a really nice layout for that. Like upstairs in the bedroom, it has two separate ends, so we can have our bedroom, and then we’re also hoping to have a little TV room in the bedroom next to that. Then on the other side we have bedrooms so other people can stay over near the multi-purpose area.

Us: Sounds like an ideal layout for you and your family!

JS: Yeah, and we used to have a house that was similar with the bedrooms upstairs and the living area downstairs. So we quite like that design in having the two areas a little bit separate- it just seems to be a really efficient use of space with quite large rooms.

Us: So what are you most looking forward to when you move in?

JS: Looking forward to having a house with a bit of a view out on the lake, that’s probably one of our favourite things! We just love all the birds and everything on the lake.

Us: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today, Jean, and we can’t wait for you to call Vida home!

JS: You’re welcome, thanks for having me.