18 July 2018   

2 min read
Students at Pallara State School near Stockland’s thriving Pallara community have shown off their newfound skills gained from a first-of-its kind learning experience which uses LEGO® Education robotics.

The Bee on the Team (BOTT) LEGO® exhibition, held at the school on Tuesday, 31 July, marked the end of a four-month enrichment education program funded by Stockland which was designed to increase student interest in STEAM subjects through hands-on activities.  


STEAM is an international movement aimed at nurturing student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), while integrating the Arts to foster innovation. 


Penny Austin, Stockland Sustainability Manager, said this was the third consecutive year Stockland had partnered with the National Theatre for Children (NTC) to deliver new learning experiences.  


“More than 10,000 students across 20 primary schools in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast have taken part in this year’s ground-breaking program at no cost to the schools,” Ms Austin said. 


“The students and staff at Pallara State School deserve to be congratulated on running such an excellent exhibition - it’s fantastic to see the enthusiasm and creativity that has resulted from their learning experiences.  


“Stockland is a world leader in sustainability and we’re proud to support this unique program which helps to empower the next generation of innovators.”  


The BOTT program began with a visit from NTC in March, where professional actors delivered an educational performance aimed at engaging students through storytelling, comedy and audience interaction. 


Teachers were provided with supplemental educational materials, digital games and activities which were designed to make science come to life in the classroom. 


Students then formed in-school teams and were provided with LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 kits to construct a motorised model of what they learned. Guided by teacher coaches, teams explored real-world scientific problems and created posters to illustrate their journey of discovery.