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QLD General Residential FAQs

Registration dates are estimates only and are subject to change due to construction progress, difficult weather or authority approvals.

Your Stockland Sales Professional and Customer Relations Team will continue to keep you informed and are here to answer any questions you may have. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

You can also check the progress of your land online via the ‘Construction Update’ status located under the 'Getting Started' header tab on your local community webpage.

Any settlement extension requests need to be sent in writing from your nominated legal representative to the Stockland conveyancing team for review.

During construction of your land, once valuation and soil testing access becomes available, the Stockland Team will provide you with an update that includes all the relevant information and access time frames.

Please ensure your builder, bank or valuer follow the instructions provided within the update on how to gain access to the site.

Land surveys will be made available once registration of your land has occurred.

The boundaries of your land are pegged for you ready for settlement. Please inspect your land within the first two weeks after settlement and let us know if you are unable to locate any of your lot pegs so we can investigate.

After settlement, lot pegs are the landowner's responsibility. Please keep in mind that during the construction of your home, some lot pegs can accidentally be covered or removed.

Maintaining your land is an essential part of being a landowner. This includes keeping it free of rubbish, overgrown grass and hazards. It's a good idea to install temporary fencing to ensure your land remains clean, safe and ready for your builder to begin constructing your future home!

Residents and builders have a responsibility to dispose of their rubbish correctly. Builders are usually responsive to requests to remove rubbish that their contractors have disposed of incorrectly. Here are some organisations that can help with lot maintenance or illegal rubbish dumping:

If you notice illegal dumping of rubbish on your lot or an unmaintained lot, you can report it to Council and/or the Queensland Government as they can issue fines. Make sure that the information you provide contains all the necessary details (such as lot address, licence plate of the vehicle, photos, time and date of the incident etc.) so they can action your report successfully.

As part of putting the final touches on your stage, we install the streetscape in the nature strip (Council verge). Any damage caused during the construction of your new home should be addressed with your builder before they finish.

Everyone plays an important part in keeping the community looking beautiful. Although the Council owns the verge, it's the landowner's responsibility to maintain the nature strip directly in front of their home. This includes regular maintenance and clearing of litter.

If you see any cars parked illegally or dangerously on the nature strip, you can report it to Council.

Stormwater run-off is rainwater that runs off surfaces such as lawns, roads, roofs, car parks and natural ground surfaces. After settlement, each landowner has a responsibility to ensure the stormwater runoff from their land and/or property is managed correctly.

 Please ensure:

  • Stormwater run-off is not directed towards a retaining wall or adjoining properties.
  • Appropriate drainage in your backyard is installed and maintained regularly to ensure water can freely drain.
  • Your builder installs necessary measures during your house construction.
  • If there is an easement and/or Council asset on your property, ensure it is kept maintained and clear of debris to allow the natural flow of stormwater. 

Talk with your builder about what stormwater management you may need to install on your land.

Retaining walls are structures used for supporting soil so that two different levels can be achieved either side of the wall. In some cases, a batter may be used as a suitable alternative.

The retaining walls built by Stockland are built to Australian standards and certified by engineers. These have received approval by Council before settlement. You or your builder can obtain a copy of the certification relevant to your land on the Stockland Builder Portal.

If there is a retaining wall (or batter) on your land, it will form part of your contract of sale. After settlement, it is a landowners responsibility to maintain the retaining wall (or batter). It is important to maintain retaining walls to ensure they continue to work correctly.

Your builder and/or landscaper may be required to connect retaining wall drainage into the appropriate drainage system. During construction, your builder and/or landscaper should take care when completing any works around existing retaining walls. Changing levels, excavating, adjusting or amending existing retaining walls may affect the structural integrity of the wall and/or batter.

Discover Stockland Referral Program so your friends become your neighbours.

Refer a friend you would love to live closer to and if they decide to purchase at a participating Stockland community, you may each receive a Visa Gift Card*.

For more information on how to refer your friends and family, click on the following link:

*Subject to terms and conditions.

If you have purchased at a Stockland community before, you may now be eligible for the Buy Again Loyalty Program!

The Buy Again Loyalty Program means you may now be eligible to receive a $5,000* rebate^ on your next land, Stockland completed home or Stockland townhome purchase at any Stockland community in Queensland and Victoria.

For more information about the Buy Again Loyalty Program, click on the following link:

*Subject to terms and conditions.

^Applied as an adjustment in favour of the purchaser at settlement of the relevant contract of sale.

Boundary fencing is the dividing fence you share with an adjoining neighbour. Building and maintaining this shared fence is the shared responsibility of yourself and your neighbour.

Stockland does not contribute to neighbour fencing. It is the landowners responsibility to contact their adjoining neighbour/s to arrange fencing. Please feel free to contact your local Council or Stockland sales team to obtain your neighbours' details to discuss fencing (as per the Stockland privacy guideline and your contract of sale).

The authority for dividing fences is the Queensland Government. Here is some helpful information from the Queensland Government on neighbour fencing:

If you have any further questions regarding Stockland design guidelines of the fence, the design essentials can be found on your community website or you can email the Stockland Covenant Team at design@stockland.com.au.

Your Stockland community is nbn equipped!

As part of developing your stage, Stockland completed the pit and pipe infrastructure. We then transfer ownership of this asset to nbn and it is their responsibility to make individual addresses within the development serviceable. The nbn team works with the local Council to obtain the street addresses.

A builder also follows steps to ensure a home is nbn™ ready such as connecting the wiring from the infrastructure in the streets to your home for your telephone and data points.

It is then the landowners' responsibility to talk to their preferred phone and internet provider about an nbn™ powered plan that best suits their needs, and connect to the internet. Please contact your preferred service provider to arrange connection and they will coordinate a time for the nbn™ supplied equipment to be installed (if not already pre-installed) and activated.

To find out how you can help make sure your new home is nbn™ ready, visit nbn's website and type New Home into the search bar.

If your home is in the construction or design stage, your builder can help enable an efficient connection to the nbn™ network by requesting a pre-install of nbn™ in-home equipment. Please visit nbn's website and type Pre-installation Request into the search bar for more helpful information.

For more information, please speak directly with your builder, selected service provider or nbn™.

Stockland has design guidelines and build time frames in place to ensure all homes are developed in harmony with the surrounds and to create stunning streetscapes

Design Essentials form part of the land contract and ensures all residents are held to the same design covenant relevant to their stage of the community.

After settlement, we recommend you start building your new home as soon as you can within your contractual building time frames.

Your design guidelines can be found on your Stockland community webpage. You can also email the Stockland Covenant Team at design@stockland.com.au
 if you have any design queries.

We appreciate having community members who help continue to keep the community looking beautiful.

Design Essentials form part of the land contract and ensures all residents are assessed fairly against the same design covenant relevant to their stage of the community.

Please be assured Design Essential compliance is taken seriously and is an expectation of all those who purchase in Stockland Estates. Regular inspections are carried out and Stockland provides covenant breaches to lot owners who do not comply. This protects your investment by maintaining a high standard of built form outcomes' and streetscape to our communities.

If you notice a design breach, please email the Stockland Covenant Team at design@stockland.com.au.

Any breaches will be resolved privately between the relevant lot owners and Stockland.

Stockland cover rates up until the settlement of the land. Once settlement occurs, the rates are the landowners responsibility.

Please email legal.qld@stockland.com.au with a complete copy of the rates notice, all pages, both sides, so we can complete an adjustment for our portion. This amount will then be refunded to you via EFT to your nominated bank account within 2-4 weeks.

Safety is important to Stockland. When constructing the stage, Stockland contractors build the road infrastructure to the strict regulations provided by Council and Department of Transport and Main Roads.

After a period of time, the ownership and maintenance of the roads are then handed over to Council. If you have any road speed questions, please reach out to the local Council.

In an emergency, you should phone Triple Zero (000). If you have a speech or hearing disability you can access the Triple Zero (000) service via the National Relay Service on 106.

Any speeding incidents should be reported to the Police as they have the authority to issue fines and penalties where required.

You can also report cars parked illegally or dangerously to Council.

Here are some links to further information you may find helpful:

  • Department of Transport and Main Roads: Queensland road rules or phone 13 23 80
  • Queensland Police Service: QLD Police or phone 13 14 44 for general enquiries or 13HOON (13 46 66) to report hooning

In an emergency, you should phone Triple Zero (000). If you have a speech or hearing disability you can access the Triple Zero (000) service via the National Relay Service on 106.

If you believe you have witnessed any criminal activity, we encourage you to report this to the Police as soon as possible as they are the correct authority to investigate and stop crime.

We have been informed the Queensland Police are allocated in regards to the number of reports in the area, so we encourage residents to continue to report any crime or suspicious behaviour.

You can also report cars parked illegally or dangerously to Council. The Council may also be able to provide you with information on a local Neighbourhood Watch Group.

Here are some links to further information you may find helpful:


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