Looking for more space for her growing family, this buyer found relocating to Providence was the right answer.

29 September 2022

When her childhood best friend moved interstate from NSW to Providence five years ago, Catherine McCaw wondered what all the fuss was about… until she visited the vibrant Stockland community for herself.

“My best friend would go on and on about how fantastic the Providence community was, initially much to my frustration because I wanted them to move back to NSW,” Catherine commented.

Over the years Catherine spent time in Providence’s community, staying with her best friend, who with her husband, had built a dream home for their young family. However, after a change in job up to Beaudesert, Catherine had a change in heart about relocating.

“In June last year, I was staying with my friend and her family for a week and working in Beaudesert. My best friend said to me how nice it was to be able to "do life" together again, even if just for a week. I came home and felt homesick for Providence so, after a few weeks, I knew it was time to start seriously thinking about relocating. That's when I reached out to the Stockland sales team.”

Catherine had always been torn between city convenience and country space, but Providence was the perfect fit.

“Providence’s location in South Ripley is unbeatable! It gives me the best of both worlds, the mountains make you feel tucked away but in reality, you've got all the city benefits nearby.”

More space was another main factor in Catherine’s decision to move to a Stockland community.

“I previously owned an apartment, but I'm an avid reader and boy did I miss laying on grass in the backyard and reading in the sun. I also wanted plenty of space and puppy parks nearby for my dog to run around in.”

Catherine is about to start building her dream home at Providence and can’t wait to become part of this thriving community.

“Providence is peaceful and has a real sense of community. The older I get, the more I crave putting down roots in such a place. Plus... I do really miss my god children and can’t wait to be two minutes away from my best friend!

If you’re like Catherine and Providence sounds like the lifestyle change you’ve been searching for, contact the Providence Sales Team on 1800 604 246 or email