30 June 2018   

5min read
Vida will welcome its first residents in just over a month as the Stage 1 townhomes near completion! Watch the drone footage to see their progress to date.

Stage 1 – defects and final cleaning are underway, preparing for settlements of Vida's first residents!

Stage 2 – these homes are slowly being revealed as the scaffold is now coming down. External screens have arrived on Endeavour Boulevard and painting, kitchens and bathrooms are underway.

Stage 3 – final framing, windows, roofs and cladding across the various blocks are being installed, with gyprock and waterproofing underway in some areas.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Communal areas – the BBQ area framing is underway and the trusses on, ready for tiling to commence in the next few weeks.