15 March 2018   

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Thanks to an enviable average NatHERS rating* of 7.6, Vida residents can expect to keep their homes at the ideal temperature all year round with minimal energy consumption. Every home has been individually crafted by Hollindale Mainwaring Architecture to ensure maximum environmental performance – and smaller energy bills.

NatHERS explained

NatHERS (or the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme), rates the heating and cooling performance of homes by looking at their design.

Put simply, NatHERS calculates the ability of a home to regulate its own temperature and places it on a scale from 0 – 10 stars. According to NatHERS, homes with zero stars will do practically nothing to reduce the discomfort of hot or cold weather, while homes with ten stars are unlikely to need any artificial cooling or heating.

To put this into context, homes built in 1990 averaged roughly 1 star. And before 2003, less than 1% of homes had a NatHERS rating higher than 6. The NatHERS rating takes into account:

  • the layout of the home, including the size and functionality of rooms
  • the construction and materials of its roof, walls, windows and floor
  • the orientation of windows in relation to sunlight and local breeze
  • how well the above is suited to the local climate.

Replaceable items like hot water systems, lights and household appliances aren’t taken into account in the NatHERS rating, as they may not be permanent for the life of the building. 

“Homes that live and breathe” – Garth Hollindale, Architect

In order to achieve such impressive NatHERS ratings at Vida, each home design had to take North Lakes’ warm, sub-tropical climate into account. But this was no challenge for the acclaimed architects at Hollindale Mainwaring, who are locals to the area and passionate about creating sustainable homes well suited to the surrounding environment.

This intrinsic understanding of the local context can be easily recognised in every detail at Vida, where clever design encourages a consistently comfortable indoor climate. These sustainable features range from passive sun controls and clerestory windows, to internal light-wells and courtyards to boost natural cross ventilation.

Benefits of a highly rated NatHERS home

The NatHERS ratings for homes at Vida range from 6.8 star to 9.4 star. Because of these impressive ratings, Vida residents are expected to enjoy:

  • A comfortable home temperature all year around
  • Less need for air conditioning or heaters
  • Open-plan spaces filled with natural light
  • Less money spent on energy bills

*  The NatHERS ratings for homes at Vida: (1) range from 6.8 star to 9.4 star; (2) have an average NatHERS rating of 7.6; and (3) have a median NatHERS rating of 7.5.


This document is supplied for the purpose of providing an impression of Stockland Vida, and is not intended to be used for any other purpose. All details, images and statements are based on the intention of, and information available to, Stockland as at the date of publication (February 2018) and may change due to future circumstances. All NatHERS star ratings for homes at Vida are indicative only, are based on home designs as at the date of publication and are subject to change. Information about NatHERS has been obtained from http://www.nathers.gov.au.