04 October 2018   

5min read
We're excited to announce Stage 2 near completion and the communal facilities - internal park, BBQ pavilion and pool soon to open for residents to enjoy. Watch the drone footage below to see the progress over the entire site.

Construction Update 

Stage 1 - Complete and settled
Stage 2 - Final internal fitouts and landscaping going in communal area - pool filled, tiling and facilities nearing completion 
Stage 3 - Internal fitouts underway, with tiling, bathrooms and kitchens installed 
Stage 4 - Slabs and framing underway 

New Settlement timings 

Vida's settlement timings have changed and is reflected below. 

Stage 2: November 2018

Stage 3: December - January 2019

Stage 4: May - July 2019

Please note that construction timelines are dependent on a number of variables such as weather and regulatory approvals, therefore these timings are only indicative and subject to change. We will continue to keep you updated and you are welcome to contact us at any stage should you have any questions.