08 August 2016   

3min read
A new proposed shopping centre, Mainview Reserve update and Education facilities - it's all in this Allura Update.

Allura Update

We want to keep you in the loop with everything happening at Allura. Thank you for making Allura a fantastic place to live. 

Shopping Centre:

The highly anticipated Woolworths shopping centre has a construction starting date of mid 2017, and will take 12 months to complete. Woolworths acquired the land from Stockland and are responsible for the development. 

We'll keep in touch with Woolworths and let you know of any new updates as soon as we can. 

Mainview Reserve:

The dog parks and walking trails within Mainview Reserve are now open! 

The turf on the sporting ovals will be laid later this year as the grass species is dormant and can't be laid during the colder months. 

An exciting summer launch event will be held at Mainview Reserve next year when the sports ovals are ready.  


After the Victorian Government's announcement to acquire and build new schools in Melbourne's growth areas, Stockland approached them. 

We've asked them to mark the Allura school site as a priority, and will keep you all informed on any news.