Hari, 36, has purchased into his second Stockland community and is looking forward to taking his family to live close to the beach at Stockland Banksia.

2 min
16 August 2022

What appealed to you about the Stockland Banksia community compared to others in the area?

I’ve always been a big fan of Stockland communities - I have an investment property in Stockland Grandview, and have previously asked the sales team to keep me across any interesting projects coming up – which is exactly how I came across Stockland Banksia.

The Armstrong Creek community really stood out to my wife and I because it offers the best of both worlds – it’s close to the Geelong CBD and the beach allowing us to enjoy both the hustle and bustle of the city and the relaxed nature of the beach.

It’s also the perfect place for us to raise our young family with all the amenities we’re after including playgrounds, shopping centres, schools and more. And since I work from home most of the time, travel is no issue. We’re so excited to relocate to Stockland Banksia once construction has finished to start a new chapter.

How would you describe your home-buying experience with Stockland?

My home buying experience with Stockland was very smooth. The sales team were easy to reach, friendly and always on hand to answer any questions, making the whole process so seamless. I hoped to buy in the first two land releases but with so much interest we managed to get in on the third release – even though there was such a high volume of demand the great customer service never wavered.

Would you recommend Stockland to friends and family - and, if you would, please explain your reason and why?

I would definitely recommend Stockland – in fact, I already have. I have a number of friends and family that are interested in purchasing at Banksia and are currently in the midst of the land release process. Not only does Stockland have such a well regarded reputation in Australia, but my previous experience with Stockland Grandview was nothing short of positive, proving that they do walk the talk.

How did you find your overall experience with Stockland? (Was it enjoyable or is there anything you would change?)

From the purchase of my investment property at Stockland Grandview to the purchase of my future family home at Stockland Banksia, I’ve had an incredibly positive experience with Stockland. The sales consultants make the process so easy, and I can’t wait to move my family into the Stockland Banksia community.

What type of home are you planning to build?

We’re still in the planning phase – however, we’re hoping to build a double story, with a large backyard and double garage, and open spaces and large rooms to give our kids enough space to play. We’re looking forward to creating a home to suit our new beachside lifestyle.