Discover the perks of Townhome living in our masterplanned communities

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10 April 2024

Low maintenance, affordable, spacious and ready-to-move-in are just a few perks of life in a Townhome, all set amongst a connected, thoughtfully planned Stockland community.

For more than 70 years, Stockland has been planning and curating communities for Australian families across the country. 

As populations grow and the number of families and individuals seeking new homes increases, we need to identify ways that we can provide affordable home solutions for as many people as we can. 

Townhome Living
Townhomes offer a great way for people to achieve their homeownership goals. As a flexible and affordable solution, Stockland’s Townhomes allow us to give as many people as possible the opportunity to live amongst the things they need each day, in one of our masterplanned communities.

Whether you’re at the beginning of the journey, looking for something a little bigger, or even looking to downsize now that the kids have flown the nest, Stockland’s Townhomes are the perfect combination. You’ll have access to the space you need or are used to, in a connected and walkable community, close to daily essentials like shops, schools and parks. 

Imagine the connectivity and convenience of apartment living, such as a low maintenance lifestyle and lower running costs, but with the privacy and space afforded by a traditional detached home. 

Meet Monique
The beauty of living at a Stockland Townhome is that they aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and can be the perfect choice for families, couples or individuals – whatever stage of life you’re in.

Stockland resident, Monique, recently moved into one of our masterplanned communities in Melbourne with her French Bulldog, Donnie, and enjoys the hassle-free and secure lifestyle on offer in her Townhome.

“I love the flexibility and the low maintenance that came with [the Townhome]. There are sporting grounds and parks right around the corner, so I get the exposure [to nature] and get to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with the maintenance of it all.” 

Monique also explained how, as a single purchaser, a Townhome was a much more cost-effective option for her, and more suited to her lifestyle. 
“I think the most attractive part of that purchase was the price point, as well as all the inclusions. The whole process was a seamless experience,” said Monique. 


It’s All in The Planning
It’s no surprise that with so much going for them, Townhomes are becoming an increasingly attractive path to homeownership for a lot of Australians – and offer real, everyday benefits.

Stockland’s National Urban Design Manager, Clive Alcock, plays a leading role in the overall masterplan design of Stockland’s communities and shared his insights into the importance of design, in connectivity. 

“We masterplanned our communities in such a way that schools, shops, parks and all the things you need are right on your doorstep,” Clive explained. 
“They’re well connected, it’s easy to walk around and you have access to everything you need for daily life. You get a surprising level of interaction with the local community, because we have designed them in a way that encourages neighbourliness and interaction”.

You can discover the benefits of Townhome living for yourself by visiting our website and booking an appointment with our dedicated, sales team. 


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