Read below to learn more about what titled land is and why you should consider buying titled land.

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05 June 2023

When building your dream home, it is important to understand what is available, what the process is and what options you have. One of the most common new home terms that is thrown around in the early stages references ‘titled’ and ‘untitled’ land - but what does this mean? 

Read below to learn more about land titles and why you should consider buying titled land. 

First of all - what is titled land? 

A land title is a formal document that clarifies who the land in question is owned by and building cannot commence without one. Once a land title document has been attained and registered with the Land Registry, you are able to start building! Now that we know what titled land is, let’s take a look at the perks of purchasing titled land. 

Essentially - it’s quicker and simpler

The biggest positive in purchasing titled land is that it saves you a lot of time, such as:

  • The approvals process can begin almost immediately as the land is registered, meaning you can take ownership of the land quicker. 

  • A bank doesn’t need to perform a valuation of the land in order to gain approvals. 

  • The building process can begin sooner with preliminary works completed, services connected - meaning builders can access the site to begin work straight away. 

  • No weather halting civil construction or registration delays, meaning you get into your dream home sooner. 

At Banksia, we have a number of titled and soon-to-be titled lots available - check them out here. But hurry, titled lots don’t usually stay available for long. 

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