14 October 2016   

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Cloverton cares about conserving the environment it is situated in. It is leading the way with a 130 hectare conservation area.

Cloverton - A City of Conservation

Cloverton is leading the way when it comes to conservation and the environment.

Stockland believes it is important for Cloverton to look after its local environment. This will not only help protect the environment and promote sustainability but it will also increase the health and well being of residents. 

Stockland has set aside a 130-hectare conservation area at Cloverton and will create an additional 130 hectares of parks and green space along a 4km stretch of the Merri Creek where it runs through the community. 

Environmental rehabilitation will help restore the ecological health of this waterway.

Parks and playgrounds will be created, maximising the beauty of the creek and engaging residents both with each other and with the natural environment. 

Future walking and cycling paths adjacent to Merri Creek will move with the curves and bends of the creek, making it a place where residents will want to take in the natural surrounds. 

This means a healthy, active life will be easy at Cloverton, where five proposed sporting precincts will be built across 80 hectares of open space. 

Cloverton has also received a highly coveted 6 Star Green Star- Communities rating from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). The 6 star rating recognises world leadership across a wide range of environmental, economic and social sustainability measures.