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Liveability at Edgebrook

How Edgebrook creates Liveability

At Edgebrook, we know it takes a lot more than bricks and mortar to create a thriving community. Our annual Liveability Survey measures what matters to our residents, so we can design our communities around what’s important.
The Liveability Survey invites feedback on all aspects of the community - from quality of built and natural environments, to how its design supports mental and physical well being. 



Here are the things you’re loving at Edgebrook

Community – 81%*
Edgebrook has a well-connected community where neighbours become friends.
Health & Fitness – 86%*
Residents can maintain a health and active lifestyle enjoying Edgebrook’s parks and walking tracks.
Safety – 82%*
Residents feel safe and secure in a welcoming and friendly community.

Discover more on Edgebrook

Learn more about the community as well as Stockland's newest community Evergreen, located just down the road from Edgebrook. 

*Percentage calculated from results obtained in the Stockland Liveability Index Survey conducted on 3/2/21 - 14/3/21. The Stockland Liveability Index Survey contains views and opinions expressed by customers of Stockland. The views, opinions and commentary of such individuals may not represent the views, opinions and commentary of all customers of Stockland. Stockland does not accept any liability for loss or damage arising as a result of any reliance on the views, opinions and commentary of such individuals.