29 May 2018   

2 min read
If “busy” is often your response to the question “How are you?” then keep reading!

As our lives become busier and busier, we are constantly on the search for easier, quicker, healthier, more convenient ways to live our everyday.  

And for parents, something as simple as the distance between your child’s school and your home could have a big impact on your search for a better way to live. 

Choosing to live where there are plenty of education options nearby will give you more control over the education you are able to provide for your child, and your lifestyle will thank you for it. 

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should live close to a school: 

  1. Fit body, fit mind 
    Encouraging your kids to walk or ride to school is a great way for your kids to get some exercise into their everyday routine. There are also studies that have found that walking to school improves concentration in the classroom. Some schools allow their playgrounds and sports facilities such as basketball courts to be accessed after school hours or on weekends, giving your kids even more opportunities to stay active. 

  2. Marching mates 
    Some schools encourage walking in groups where several children live close to each other. Not only does this inspire safety in numbers, but it’s a great way for kids to socialise with each other and become ‘marching mates’. 

  3. The gift of independence 
    Walking or riding to school is not only good exercise for children, they will also gain confidence and independence from the journey. Children walking to school become more alert and knowledgeable about traffic rules and are more aware of their surroundings and neighbourhood.  

  4. It’s all about the money 
    By encouraging your children to walk or ride to school, you can save money on public transport or petrol associated with drop-offs and pick-ups. Plus for those times where the kids forget their lunch, it is not too out of the way to drop it offSorry kids – no canteen lunch today!

  5. More ‘you’ time 
    Long commutes can be exhausting and there is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic when you are running late. By living near a school, children can walk or ride themselves so you can avoid the busy drop-off/pick-up period giving you back hours in your week for some ‘you’ time – whether that be a longer sleep-in, a morning run, or some much needed R&R. Sign me up! 


Did you know Stockland’s Edgebrook community in Clyde (VIC) has 8 existing schools within 8km? Whether it’s childcare facilities, public schools such as Clyde Primary School or private schools such as Casey Grammar, there are plenty of schools you can reap the rewards of living close to 

Click here to download our brochure for more information on schools surrounding Edgebrook.