24 September 2019   

4 mins read
Edgebrook's future central park has officially commenced construction!
Our central park has officially commenced construction and is scheduled to be completed mid-2020. The playground is unique, as it has been designed for children of all abilities, specifically catering towards children on the Autism Spectrum.

Check out the run-down below of what you can expect when this park opens for play!

Aquatic Zone
  • A water wheel which when turned releases water down a narrow passageway that flows through the Aquatic Zone
  • A frog sculpture that sprouts water when the water wheel is turned
  • Pods amongst the reeds where kids can relax and take some timeout

Birds in Flight Zone
  • Sound chimes that echo the calls of Clyde's wetland birds
  • Climbing tunnel leading to a fort structure
  • All abilities swings and a 4-point harness flying fox

Lettuce Farm Zone

  • Lettuce-themed spinning cups with wheelchair accessibility
  • Tunnel and play mounds

Amphibian Zone

  • Nature play path with sand play
  • In-ground trampolines so you can bounce just like the Grass Frog
  • Slides galore! We’ll have a toddler slide, an adventure slide for older kids, plus an all abilities slide so everyone can join in the fun!

Want to know more about our fantastic park? Simply email the team or call 13 52 63.