01 November 2019   

2 mins read
Going on holidays this Summer? Here's a few tips in how to keep your home safe.

If you use social media you have probably, at some time, referred to where you live by posting photos of your home, or sharing that you live opposite a specific park.  If you then announce that you are going on holidays or you post pics of the fab time you have having in Bali you may be alerting a would be offender that your house is unoccupied.

Thieves are opportunistic.  And an unoccupied house is an opportunity.

Before going on holidays, tell your neighbours. Ask them to empty your letterbox, put your bin out.  You should also have some lights and possibly the TV on a timer.  If a thief isn’t sure if you are home or not, he/she is likely to go elsewhere.

And make sure your social media accounts are secure and set to “private”.

For more tips on keeping your home safe when you are on holidays visit this link.