23 March 2017   

2 min read
Highlands' latest party attracted over 1,500 attendees, out to enjoy the free activities and food on offer.

Over 1500 people attended our last party!

The party at Highlands Display Village, ran from 11am - 2pm and was free for all to attend.

Activities included:

  • Winter Snow Dome
  • Snow Craft Station
  • Atomic Drop Slide
  • Animal Farm 
  • Jumping Castle
  • Food Trucks
  • Coffee and Ice-cream bans

The builders at the display village also had fun activities for visitors. 

Do you know how much food you need for 1500 people? Here's an idea:

  • 1000 ice-creams
  • 2000 pizza slices
  • 650 paellas
  • 550 donuts
  • 500 coffees

Hope to see you at our next event at Highlands, let's raise those numbers!