15 November 2019   

We're delighted to share the next park and playground at Highlands - Sustainable Park. Sustainable Park is an open space and playground that uses old construction materials from all around Highlands.

What are the sustainable initiatives along Sustainable Drive?

  • 7-star NatHERS and Gold Level LHA rated homes
  • Sustainable Park & Playground - The Nest 
  • Solar on Sustainable Drive
  • Native Planting to Verges


Read more about each initiative below:



7-star NatHERS and Silver Level LHA rated homes contributions

Stockland is working with VCon homes to deliver making eight homes along Sustainable Drive with 7-Star NatHERS energy efficiency ratings and a minimum Gold level LHA rating. This will help improve the energy efficiency of the homes, and ensure the homes are easier to access, navigate and live in, as well as be most cost effective to adapt when life’s circumstances change. You can read more about these ratings by visiting http://www.nathers.gov.au/ or http://www.livablehousingaustralia.org.au/


Sustainable Park & Playground

Sustainable Park is a 1.5ha public park and playground for the community that will be constructed from recycled materials from in and around the community. The hero playground piece is called “The Nest” which is a spiral staircase tower surrounding by stick cladding that has been collected from around Highlands. Concrete steps, timber animals, carved logs, tree sculptures, musical instruments and type spinners will also make up the play space. The park makes use of and recycles old construction materials such as rocks, reclaimed house bricks, concrete pipes and pillars and tyres. The concrete in the park is made up of Sustainable Concrete - eCrete. The park opened in April this year!


Solar on Sustainable Drive 

All 72 residents that live on Sustainable Drive have been offered a complimentary Bradford Solar Charge pack, including solar and Battery. to help make Sustainable Drive once of the most sustainable streets in Australia. The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is expected to reach 490 tonnes each year. This is equivalent to removing more than 100 cars from the road. It will also make a significant difference to families' cost of living. 


Native Planting to Verges

By installing native planting such as Red box (Eucalyptus Polyanthemos) trees and Broad Leaf Creeping Boobialla (Myoporum Parvifolium) plants in lieu of hydro-seed or turf to the verges along Sustainable Drive, Stockland are proactively reducing water requirements to maintain the landscaping. It also means plants will be more resilient to weather conditions throughout the year which means a more attractive streetscape all year round.


Stockland’s commitment to sustainability

At Stockland, sustainability is about ensuring we leave our communities in great shape for future generations. We place an extremely high emphasis on our responsibility to look after the environment and continue our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. Click here to read more about Stockland’s sustainability strategy.