16 May 2019   

1 mins read
Congratulations to the Dela Concepcion family who purchased a block of land at Mt. Atkinson after signing up for our Super Sunday land release on May 5th!

The Dela Concepcion family were celebrating on the weekend after buying land at Stockland’s Mt Atkinson community.
First home buyers Janice and Raymond Dela Concepcion signed up to the Super Sunday land release and attended the Mt Atkinson Sales and Information Centre on Sunday, 5 May.

The Point Cook family purchased a 350 square metre site near the proposed primary school, which will be ideal for daughter Rayhan.

Janice said the family was overjoyed to buy the site of their future home.

“We’re really happy because our main goal is have our own home,” she said.

“The community life at the Mt Atkinson will be good for raising kids and the masterplan has everything we need – the school, stores, a playground and it’s right near the freeway.”