20 December 2016   

2mins read
Native wildlife is considered in all of our construction planning and development. Find out more about The Growling Grass Frog at The Grove.

The Growling Grass Frog

Did you know that The Growling Grass frog finds its home in The Grove’s waterways? Stockland is committed to conserving the natural wildlife found in its communities. We’ve built special tunnels for the frogs to travel and made sure disturbance to their habitat is minimal.

The Growling Grass frog is also featured in our new playground at The Grove Sales and Information Centre. 

Fun facts about The Growling Grass frog:

  •       One of the largest frog species in Australia, measuring up to 104mm
  •       Females are bigger than males
  •       White on their bellies, but males may become yellow or dark grey under the throat in breeding season
  •       Prey is swallowed whole with specially designed teeth
  •       Females can lay up to 4,500 eggs!
  •       Growling Grass Frogs sit and wait for their food, they do not actively hunt
  •       Can move up to 1km in 24 hours – impressive considering their size. 

You can download a fact sheet on the Growling Grass Frog from the Department of Sustainability and Environment here.

Watch our development manager Cal talk about the measures The Grove has taken to look after this special little critter.