04 January 2020   

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Eglinton is set to be one of Perth’s most sought after suburbs in the next 20 years, with positive growth expected in the area.

The suburbs of Eglinton, Alkimos and Yanchep have experienced significant growth resulting in an influx of amenities such as restaurants, playgrounds and schools.  


The northern metropolitan region has experienced significant population growth over the past decade, with surrounding community facilities continuously adapting to accommodate the developing needs of the northern residents.

Eglinton alone is expected to have a population increase of more than 1300 per cent, with an additional 900 new dwellings by 2041, with residents prioritising new transport facilities, direct access to the beach and an increase in public amenities over proximity to the CBD.

Eglinton residents Alan and Val Bidwell have lived at Stockland Amberton Beach for more than three years and have seen significant growth in the area.

“Amberton Beach has grown immensely over this time with the opening of The Amberton Beach Bar and Kitchen, the duelling of Marmion Avenue and the new train line coming to Yanchep,” said Val.

“We didn’t know all these facilities were planned, we were just looking forward to living in a lovely oceanside environment, so it’s has turned out to be absolutely brilliant. I don’t think you could better Amberton Beach anywhere - the lifestyle and facilities are great.”

To meet with the demand of the rising population and community developments of the outer suburbs, there has been an influx in new schools opening including Alkimos Primary School, St James Anglican School and Alkimos Secondary College which will open in 2020 – with more anticipated in the near future including the recent announcement of the Shorehaven Alkimos Primary School. 

Early works started last month on the METRONET Yanchep rail extension – 14.5kmn of additional railway extending north of Joondalup to Yanchep - which will support the ongoing growth in the northern corridor and reduce road congestion.

The METRONET Yanchep rail extension will service more than 150,000 residents, as well as helping to develop northern activity precincts including the Eglinton district centre.

“Seeing the amount of residential development in Alkimos and surrounds demonstrates just how popular the northern coastal lifestyle is,” said WA Premier Mark McGowan.

“METRONET will provide another transport option for the rapidly growing northern suburbs and along with the freeway widening works, help bust congestion and provide better links to the CBD and other suburbs.”

The demand in the area has also seen the expansion of Marmion Avenue, which extends from Brighton to Yanchep, with over 11.5km of asphalt being laid to create a new dual carriageway that will be completed in early 2020. These expansions in transport options also support higher density land use for residential and commercial purposes.

Col Dutton, Stockland General Manager, said the fast-growing community of Eglinton was the perfect development location for Stockland’s Amberton Beach.

“Amberton Beach offers something for all budgets and lifestyles – the location, price tag and extensive community amenities makes it an exceptionally convenient location for all residents,” he said.

“The infrastructure developments in the northern corridor support residential growth, providing better transport options for residents and bridging that gap to the city.”

Likewise, John Dawkins from Tillbrook Melaleuka Group, which recently opened the Amberton Beach Bar & Kitchen said he was confident that investing in the developing suburb of Eglinton will reap long-term benefits. 

“When Stockland Amberton Beach became a possibility, we jumped at it, as we may never again have such an opportunity in a prime location like this,” said Mr Dawkins.