02 September 2020   

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A year after launching in Stockland’s growing Calleya community, Nido Early School in Treeby has seen ongoing success with local residents, with over 80% occupancy at the centre within its first 12 months of operation.

With its ideal location 25km from the city, access to great amenities and affordable living for a wide range of buyers, Stockland’s Calleya has become an increasingly popular location for first home buyers, young families and downsizers. The addition of Nido Treeby has made the community even more desirable for home buyers, providing a world-class early learning centre for children between six-weeks and six-years of age. In 2022, the future Treeby Primary School will open in Calleya providing a natural stepping stone not only for the children attending Nido but also children in the surrounding area.

The Nido Philosophy
Nido Early Learning has been incredibly successful nationwide – quickly growing over the past six years to more than 80 childcare facilities across Australia. The Nido philosophy is based on the Italian principles of ‘Reggio Emilia’ – which focuses on providing an environment where children can create, discover and excel in their learning.

Jessica Kaye, Executive Service Manager at Nido Treeby, said the community response to the early learning facility was very positive.

“We’ve had a great response from the Calleya community for our early learning centre in Treeby,” Miss Kaye said.

“When we first opened, the Calleya community was in the early stages of its development, but from the very beginning we’ve had a lot of interest from the local residents and potential buyers around our childhood education facilities.

"While all Nido schools’ practice under the same educational program, each school has its own unique features. Nido Treeby is one of our newest schools, and when we first opened, our team decided that we wanted to focus on nature and sustainability. We have four chickens, which the children get to interact with by feeding them leftover food and helping with the composting.

“Nido’s philosophy is centered around how the child, parent and community shape a child’s educational growth, which aligned with Stockland’s focus on creating vibrant, connected communities.”

Stockland is pleased with the success of Nido
Stockland General Manager Residential WA Col Dutton said “Seeing the success of Nido in Treeby, really assures us that Calleya has become the family hub we had hoped,” he said.

“The Calleya community appeals to multiple buyers in different stages of their lives, from first home buyers, second/third home buyers, to retirees, so we are even seeing extended families move into Calleya to take advantage of its appeal.

“Having 80 percent occupancy in a community that it’s still growing, shows us that residents are loving the convenience and quality of childcare that Nido provides. We also love how Nido Treeby focuses on nature and sustainability, as these are two areas that align closely to the communities we create".

Along with Nido Treeby, residents in Calleya have access to many family amenities including; a community garden, junior BMX track, enclosed dog park, playgrounds, and kilometers of nature walking trails throughout the community.