04 May 2021   

5 mins read
Parks, playgrounds and natural areas have always been a key focus for Stockland and recent trends show these elements are more important than ever before for homebuyers.

Stockland Liveability Index survey has highlighted that proximity and quality of local parks and natural environments are key priorities for prospective buyers and existing residents. 

Stockland WA General Manager Communities and President of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) for WA, Col Dutton, said creating sustainable communities was part of Stockland's long-term strategy to make a meaningful contribution to the development of our city and country as a whole. 

"We've seen increased demand for communities with access to clean, green and spacious environments. The pandemic saw people spending more time at home than ever before, which highlighted how home design and the surrounding environment can have an impact on mental wellbeing. This trend was reflected in our recent Residential Spring Survey, which revealed 63% of potential buyers would favour environmentally friendly products and services, and 62% would prioritise proximity to parks and green spaces over closeness to the CBD. 

"While connectivity and convenience are still important, environmentally friendly and sustainable communities are becoming key drivers for prospective buyers. As a leading property developer, Stockland is committed to developing well-designed, sustainable communities and making this attainable for all budgets and all types of buyers.

"We have already taken steps to reduce our carbon emissions through our partnership with Clean Energy Finance Corporation, and we're working on a number of renewable energy, energy efficient and low-carbon home projects across Australia." 

An example of Stockland's commitment to sustainability is its Calleya community, which is the first in Western Australia to trail the Compost Revolution pilot program. This sustainability initiative will help cut down food waste in landfill and enables households to become more self-sufficient. Nearly 50 per cent of the average Australian household's garbage is compostable, and when this material is placed in landfill it releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. 

The Compost Revolution program provides participating residents a $100 voucher to purchase composting products of their choosing - allowing them to become a more sustainable household for little to no cost. This provides residents with the means to become more environmentally friendly and encourages the entire community to partake in this activity. 

Earlier this year, Stockland's Whiteman Edge community was the first in Australia to trial a new recycled asphalt pavement. This innovative product diverts hundreds of thousands of plastic bags, glass bottles, and printer toners from landfill. 


For more information on Stockland's sustainability strategy visit our website here