Planning ahead for the kids' schooling? So are we. At Sienna Wood, education is front of mind. That's why we're working hard to bring you connected, convenient living with a future school in the community!

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12 September 2023

A new primary school is set to open for Sienna Wood in 2026! It's been a lengthy process and we're thrilled that we're near the finish line. Here's an overview of how things have played out to date.


 What we've done: 


1. Earth & civil works were completed in 2016, installing the utilities and services required for the future primary school.  

2. Upon completion of these civil works, the site of the future primary school was transferred to the Department of Education. We are eagerly awaiting the department's commitment and communication in advertising the commencement of constructing the future school. 

3. Stockland regularly voiced the residents' desire for a primary school to be announced. Typically, the Department of Education commits to only a few new primary schools announcements for the whole state each year.


 4. Stockland continued to meet with the Department of Education and new Education Minister, Dr. Toni Buti. Residents also contacted local member Toni Buti to show their support for a new primary school. 

Where we're heading: 

5An announcement was made of The State's commitment to a new school in Sienna Wood in December 2023. Wungong (Precinct F) Primary School (planning name) is due to open for the 2026 school year and will become home to 540 students when filled. A Development Application has been lodged by the Department of Education for the construction of the future primary school and we are excitedly keeping an eye on the site as things progress. You can check it out on the corner of Eleventh Road and Brighstone Avenue, Hilbert.


We'll continue to share further updates as they happen. In the meantime, if you're already looking for local education options, there's plenty nearby! Hilbert Kids Early Learning Centre is located just across Eleventh Road, suitable for children 5 and under. Or, take your pick with Xavier Primary School, Gwynne Park Primary School and Neerigen Brook Primary School all a stone's throw away. 


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