With nearly 100 display homes across WA, enjoy endless inspiration for your new home in a Stockland WA Community.
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  See Vale Aveley's Display Village here.
Whiteman Edge
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Affordable Living  APG Homes 
Aussie Living Homes Aveling Homes
Aussie Living Homes B1 Homes
Celebration Homes Commodore Homes
Dale Alcock Homes Easystart Homes
Express Two Storey Living Home Group WA Impressions
Homebuyers Centre New Generation Homes, The Telford
Smart Homes for Living, The Expression Start Right Homes, Whiteman Display
Ventura Homes, The Palermo WA Housing Centre, The Callaway
Vale Aveley
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101 Residential, The Cascade APG Homes, Sandalford
Aussie Living Homes, The Capri Aveling Homes, Vale S3
B1 Homes, The Rio Blueprint Homes, The Acacia  
Celebration Homes, The Watson  Commodore Homes, The Devonport
Dale Alcock Homes, Glenwood I Easy Start Homes, The Broadway
Express Two Storey Living  First Home Buyers Direct, The Bombay
First Home Owners Centre, Uforia Home Group WA, Nebraska Platinum 
Homebuyers Centre, Brika My Homes WA, Seattle
National Homes, The Sultan New Generation Homes, The Reserve
Plunkett Homes, The Colorado Redink Homes, The Solstice
Smart Homes for Living, The Desire Summit Homes
Ventura Homes, La Verna Vision One Homes, The Allira
WA Housing Centre, The Milvine
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101 Residential, The Manzano Affordable Living, The Downtown Grand
APG, The Vista Aussie Living Homes, The Suite
Aveling Homes, The Calleya B1 Homes, Aspiration
Ben Trager Homes, The Fraser Blueprint Homes, The Santorini
Broadway Homes, Eastwood Celebration Homes, The Portman
Collier Homes, The Sentosa Commodore Homes, The Bramston
Complete Homes, The Baymount Content Living, Truman
Dale Alcock Homes, Affinity 1 Dreamstart Homes, Kingston
Easystart Homes, Adina Express Two Storey Living, Ascari
Gemmill Homes, The Oakleigh Home Group WA, Washington
Homebuyers Centre, Bohemian Ideal Homes, The Zen
Impressions the Home Builder, The Essence National Homes, The San Lorenzo
New Generation Homes, The Neopolitan New Level Homes, The Konex
Perceptions, The Rubix Plunkett Homes, Amherst Redink Homes, The Laguna
Shelford First, The Fiorente Smart Homes for Living, The Conquest
Summit Homes, The Alkira V2 Homes, Key Largo
Wow Homes, The Espresso
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Impressions Display Home, Omega  Aveling Homes, New Haven S2
Complete Homes, The Saltwood
New homes coming soon from Blueprint, Commodore, First Home Owners Centre, Dale Alcock Homes, Dreamstart, Ben Trager, Homebuyers Centre, 101 Residential, Aussie Living Homes, Maxim Homes, Celebration Homes, Smart Homes, National Homes, Home Group WA, Aveling Homes, Red Ink Homes, Ross North Homes, My Homes WA, APG, Express Homes and Ventura Homes.
Sienna Wood
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Celebration Homes Hamilton First Home Owners Centre
Easy Start My Homes WA
Maxim Homes Blueprint Homes
New homes coming soon from WA Housing Centre, Commodore Homes, B1 Homes, Home Group WA, Smart Homes and Complete Homes

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Making the Most of a Display Village Visit

Looking for inspiration for what your new home could look like? Make sure you get the most out of your display home visit with these tips.

Choosing the Right Community

It's never been a better time to move to a Stockland community. Learn more about how living in a safe, healthy and happy environment could benefit you.