02 May 2017   

2 mins read
Perth’s northern residents can look forward to faster commute times, with the State Government announcing plans to construct a new dual-carriageway road parallel to the existing Lord Street and focus on the future Morley-Ellenbrook rail line.

The State Government’s plan to construct a 7km dual carriageway road parallel to the existing Lord Street will ease congestion and reduce commute times.

In one of the first steps towards building the Morley-Ellenbrook Line as part of METRONET, the new road corridor will complement the future train line to Ellenbrook.

New Lord Street will run parallel to the existing Lord Street, which will be retained as a local road to service Ellenbrook and the rapidly growing suburbs of Dayton, Whiteman and Brabham. The redistribution of traffic to New Lord Street is expected to significantly reduce congestion on the existing Lord Street.
A shared path will also run adjacent to the road, providing improved access to Whiteman Park for cyclists and pedestrians.
Work on the project will begin shortly and is expected to cost $57 million and is due to be completed by mid-2018.

>> State Govt Announcement

“We've moved swiftly to build a new dual-carriageway to ease traffic congestion and start work on the rail line to Ellenbrook. Our commitment to the north-eastern suburbs was to deliver road improvements and METRONET - and that's exactly what we're going to do." - Premier Mark McGowan