Transport and working from home

Stockland communities are built with easy access to public transport in mind and are also perfectly suited to supporting the new trend of working from home.

Public transport access

For some people, the mere thought of commuting from the suburbs every day is a good enough reason not to move away from the city.

Stockland communities are designed to minimise that concern. By being built with handy access to existing public transport links, and by working closely with transport authorities to ensure things like bus routes are added to meet the needs of residents, Stockland works hard to make commuting life as easy as possible.

From 70 years of developing communities, we know that creating communities close to existing major transport connections such as a train station or bus route, is not only convenient, but also generally helps protect the value of your home in the long term.


Residents getting on the bus


Working from home

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the way Australians work. People not only worked from home when the crisis was at its peak, but are continuing to do so – at least for part of the week – as life, thankfully, returns to normal.

Stockland research* has found that people under the age of 44 are much more likely to work from home. However, 34 per cent of young families with children in school don’t feel like they have the space to be able to do that.

It’s one reason why looking to upgrade to a larger home in a Stockland Community is becoming increasingly popular. Choosing a home type  that has the flexibility to include a home office not only makes working from home easier, but it also means it’s possible to break the day up by walking the kids to and from the local school.

In addition, why not explore a different ‘meeting room’ around your community? Stretch your legs with a walking meeting around your nature reserve, work from a picnic table in a park, or even head to the local café. Enjoy the increased creativity and productivity that comes from a change of scene.

‚Äč*Stockland Research on the impact of COVID-19 on the home buying journey conducted in July 2020 with a sample of 1000 respondents. 


Catching up at the cafe

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