14 July 2017   

3 mins read
Residents and staff celebrate together as our very own green thumb maintenance manager retires from the shovel after 18 years.

It is not every day you retire from your role of 18 years. So that is why our residents and staff wanted to ensure their Gardener/Handyman, Norm Cain, was sent off in the right fashion. Held in the community centre at Ridgecrest Retirement Village, 118 people celebrated Norms’ contribution during his tenure at the Ridgecrest Village.

Taking place at the end of June in the cold months of winter didn’t stop our village team and residents enjoying a wonderful afternoon which included some entertainment from Fijian dancers that brightened up everyone’s day. Being such a close knit community, the staff went all out to show Norm how much his past 18 years of service meant to Stockland and more importantly to the residents. During his tenure, Norm had a few different roles including; Weekend Manager, Gardener, Handyman and Bus Driver. A man of many talents with an extremely close affinity with all our residents and staff.

Safe to say that Norm was very humbled and appreciative to all involved. Some direct feedback from our residents was “the best event we have ever had in the village”. 

The residents, community and village will now start their search for Norm’s replacement. If you would like to retire your way at Ridgecrest Village please call 1800 727170.