24 June 2016 6 min read

Moving into a retirement village is a lifestyle choice. So it’s important to look beyond the bricks and mortar when selecting what is right for you. Take some time to identify what is important to you.

Location, Location, Location

The location of the village is an obvious place to start. Maybe you’ve lived in a city your whole life and are looking for a change of scenery. You may have yearned to live near the sea or somewhere with a warmer climate. Or perhaps you’re hoping to be closer to your friends and family.

Daily life

It’s also a good idea to think about the facilities you’d like to have nearby. Would you like to have shops within walking distance? Or maybe you need easy and regular access to your health and community services.

Stockland provides opportunities to engage with and support the surrounding community through our Community Partnerships.

The choice of homes

Think of what you want in your new home. Are you keen to rightsize and realise the benefits of less housework? Or do you need to consider if friends or family want to stay?

Also think about, not only what suits your lifestyle now but what may be your future needs.

Social activities

Dreamed of playing bowls every day? From swimming pools to gymnasiums and other onsite activities, you’ll find plenty of things to keep you engaged and entertained in a retirement village. Ask your preferred village what activities and amenities are on offer, as these vary across locations. If you’re aiming to do a lot of travelling, access to major highways and lock-up and leave facilities are valuable.


Other considerations

Other things to consider are the security measures within the village, such as security gates and 24-hour assistance. Depending on your circumstances, you may like to ascertain whether the village is pet-friendly and what level of care you can access if your needs change during your time there.

Talk to the experts

We encourage people to talk to our residents and get a first-hand account of their experiences and to gauge how happy they are.

Come visit us!

Once you’ve considered everything you need and want in your new home, you should really visit a village. Our retirement village team is happy to welcome visitors at a time that suits you. You can make an appointment with a Sales Professional or attend one of our regular village events and take the opportunity to chat with our friendly residents. We encourage you to bring your family along and you can always come back for another look.

Here’s what one of our residents has to say.

“One of my friends here says the same thing almost every time I see him: ‘Does it get any better than this?’ And he’s right. Life can’t get better than this!” – Kay Hunnam, Arilla Village.