As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we wanted to provide some information on the actions we are taking to help protect and serve our communities.

Our priority continues to be protecting the health and wellbeing of our residents, employees and partners across all of our village communities.

We are proud to continue to keep the community spirit alive across our Retirement Living villages, and many of our residents are still enjoying different activities within the safety of our village communities. While it’s a difficult period for everyone, we continue to welcome new residents into our inclusive villages – we just have some extra precautions in place to protect the safety and wellbeing of our current and future residents, and our employees.

For villages in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and Victoria you are welcome to visit in person, but must comply with social distancing guidelines.

Please see access to the downloadable Victorian Visitor Policy here. 

Alternatively, we can of course arrange for a private phone or video consultation to talk you through your options. Please call your Sales Professional for more information.

In line with advice from State and Federal authorities, we have visitation restrictions in place at our villages. Until further advised, any customers who meet the below criteria will be unable to access our Retirement Living Sales Centres, Community Centres or Clubhouses, Staff or Sales offices or any other community space located within the village.

If any of the below criteria applies to you, we ask that you please call our Sales team and do not visit the village in person:

•  If you have travelled overseas (including any country) in the last 14 days, all travellers arriving in Australia on international flights are required to self-isolate for 14 days as a directive from the Federal Government;
•  If you have been in close contact with someone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days;
•  If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing).

We continue to closely monitor the latest advice from health authorities and Governments, and will review the above approach if advice changes.

For over 67 years, Australians have trusted Stockland to build thriving communities because our first priority has always been the safety, health and wellbeing of our customers, people and community partners.

While this is an incredibly challenging period, our commitment to creating thriving and connected communities is unwavering. If you would like to contact us about making the move to one of our retirement communities, we are here to assist you and encourage you to contact us however you feel most comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus - For Residents 

Following the escalating spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) around Australia, we are sending you this FAQ list so you can understand what will happen if any of our STAFF or our RESIDENTS at your VILLAGE are affected. Please read the list of questions and actions required by you below.

Please note, our plans in the event of contamination, have been developed with both our Residents and the Health Department’s requirements taken into consideration.

Due to the evolving situation regarding COVID-19 across Australia, this will depend on a number of factors, such as the village location, state and federal government guidelines, as well as consultation with the Resident Committees and management at each village. 

For further information please speak to your Village Management team.


No, they are not. A FULL LOCKDOWN will only occur if we have a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 with a staff member or a resident.

Yes, if the Village is NOT in LOCKDOWN you are free to move about the Village and temporarily exit if required. 

Please pay attention to all current travelling, gathering and social distancing restrictions imposed by the state and federal governments at all times when visiting external locations.

If the Village IS in LOCKDOWN, all residents will be advised to self-isolate for 14 days.

Café operations will differ depending on the state and Village.  If the café is open, it should follow the state and federal government recommendations relating to food service

Café’s may choose to electively close or reduce their hours. Café’s will close fully in the event of a LOCKDOWN.

We will put other measures in place to support you if you depend on the café for your meals. Please contact your village team to discuss.

Food services will always be provided to our Serviced apartment residents irrespective of access restrictions or if we go into LOCKDOWN.

Please speak with your Village Manager to understand more about Serviced Apartment dining for your specific village.

As this differs across the states, please speak to your village management team regarding what is in place for your village.

Village teams are working on a solution for your Village, as each Village has different mail box set ups. We will endeavour to ensure mail services continue, but please let any delivery companies know about delivery restrictions in place. 

Prior to a LOCKDOWN situation, whilst Village teams may remain on site, notices delivered under your door will remain the key way of communicating.

Please also keep an eye on your medical alarms systems for further updates.


Yes, village bus services are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please speak to your village management team regarding what is in place for your village.

If the Village is NOT in LOCKDOWN, you are still able to temporarily exit the Village to collect necessities.

Please see the Village team if you require support around this, they are there to provide assistance.

If the Village is NOT in LOCKDOWN please phone the village team and they will fill out your maintenance request form for you over the phone. Our maintenance team will attend to these on a priority basis and in as timely a fashion as possible.

If the Village is NOT in LOCKDOWN you can attend your local pharmacy to collect your prescription. Please speak with your Village team if you need further assistance with medication collection.

We encourage you to get surplus amounts of medication delivered as a precautionary measure.

If you do not have a direct debit in place, please call you Village team to arrange collection of payment from your unit.

If you pay by EFTPOS with your debit/credit card, staff will take contactless payments and provide a receipt which will be put in your letterbox.

Please advise your Village Manager.

We will be following government guidelines around ‘High Risk’ and suspected cases of COVID-19 individuals and have asked our residents to do the same. This includes the required self-isolation period (14 days assuming no symptoms) and medical supervision or testing if you do have concerning symptoms.

Please advise your Village Manager (contact details below).

The whole village will go into Lockdown. See further notes below.

During the village lock down:

  1. All Stockland staff will move to an off-site location and all Village operations will be managed remotely from there
  2. All shared community spaces will be closed to all residents until further notice. This includes the Clubhouse, Community Centre, Pool, Gymnasiums and sheds etc. These community spaces will be closed to all events until further notice.  
  3. Community centres and clubhouses will be deep cleaned as soon as possible and remain closed until further notice following the lockdown.
  4. Any kitchens and café’s will also be closed (See food service provision below).
  5. Residents will be encouraged to remain in their units and serviced apartments.
  6. Residents should follow advice from authorities regarding level of exposure and any personal isolation protocols required.
  7. Non-essential contractor (building and maintenance) work will be cancelled.
  8. Essential contractor work (building and maintenance for emergencies etc.) will continue and contractors will have their own safety and hygiene protocols in place.
  9. No new residents will be able to move into the village until the lockdown phase passes.
  10. No other contractors, including hairdressers and medical professionals, will be able to use the community facilities. Home visits may be available on request.

A FULL LOCKDOWN will occur if we have a confirmed case of COVID-19 at a particular village.

It may also occur if the state or federal government recommends specific areas be locked down.  We are working closely with authorities and health departments to ensure we are following the recommended advice.


Please follow the government guidelines on self-isolation practices as you may have come into contact with the virus.

Stockland staff will be managing the village from a remote location, and will be coordinating the delivery of normal services through contractors that are equipped with the appropriate safety equipment to deliver these services to you.

Note that any onsite kitchens and cafés will be closed during the lockdown period.

  • Food service provision – Your food services will continue, and breakfast, lunch and dinner will be delivered by contractors. Delivery times and frequency will be advised.
  • Cleaning service provision – All cleaning and waste removal will be outsourced to contractors (if not already) with the appropriate safety equipment. We are working to ensure these services are not interrupted.
  • Linen service provision – All linen services will be outsourced to contractors (if not already) with the appropriate safety equipment. We are working to ensure these services are not interrupted.
  • Staff coverage in our serviced apartments – As Stockland’s serviced apartment staff will have been asked to leave site (as a containment protocol), we will be supplementing the usual staff levels with appropriate contractors. Our contractors have been trained to utilise the appropriate safety equipment so that they can continue to provide the required services to residents.

We will ensure that food services are not interrupted. We will work towards ensuring cleaning and linen services are not interrupted but would be grateful for your patience around this.

Alternative arrangements for that meal will need to be made. Your Village Manager can help you make arrangements for food delivery or family and friends may also be able to assist.

Please call your village team on the contact details below should you require assistance.

These can continue as required. You should advise your care partner of the Village Lockdown and they will advise their own protocols to ensure service remain in place. Stockland will advise all our own contractors too.

Visitors are at your discretion, however we strongly discourage visitors during lockdown unless absolutely necessary. If you have visitors, please ensure you advise them of the lockdown before they come to the village.

Yes, but you should advise the delivery companies that deliveries to the community centre/admin offices are not possible at this time as a Lockdown is in place.

Mail will not be able to be delivered to the village if your mailboxes are located inside the community centre until the Lockdown period ends. We will work with Australia Post to put alternative delivery options in place.

If you are expecting some urgent mail, please let the mailing party know of the restrictions. If your mailboxes are located outside of the community centre, deliveries should not be impacted.

We will be working with authorities to resume normal activities at the village as soon as possible. We will be following their instruction as to when it’s safe for staff to return to the Village.

It is difficult to estimate how long a lockdown period will be, but we will be keeping you informed by INS and your medical alarms when the lockdown has been lifted.

If your Village goes into lockdown, please advise your family and friends so they are up to date.

Please keep your Village manager up to date if you plan to leave the Village in advance of any virus threat (i.e. stay with family and friends for now).

Please keep your phones on and handy in case we need to reach you. We can also reach you through your emergency call alarm system if needed.


Call ‘000’ or your medical alarm in an emergency. Authorities will be instructed to contact us as the Operator if there is an emergency that needs our support.

Please follow instructions of the authorities at all times.

As staff will be working remotely, there will be no one at the Administration office to take queries.

The following methods of communication will apply in Lockdown:

  • Emergencies – Please use INS or call ‘000’ 
  • Updates – Please monitor messages and answer calls to your INS or medical alarm device for Stockland Updates as to whether the lockdown will continue.
  • Urgent Queries – Please contact your Village Manager, Area Manager, or Regional Manager as required. Please exercise good judgement in these calls so as not to overload the communications team.
  • Family and Friends – Please ensure you remain in touch with them and provide them with updates so as not to overload the communication team. You are welcome to provide the Village Manager’s contact details to them so they can also ask questions as required.

We thank you for your understanding and patience during this time and we will keep you updated as best as possible as more news and information about the virus comes to hand.