06 September 2017   

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When Joyce Weller, at 94, was forced to move from her second rental home in two years, her son Keith and daughter-in-law Lyn needed a more permanent solution.

“This was the second time the unit she was renting had been sold. The moves were really taking their toll,” explains Lyn.

Joyce had also suffered a couple of bad falls in recent years, resulting in a broken leg and a broken hip.

“When she broke her hip, she managed to drag herself to the phone to call us at 3 in the morning,” says Lyn. “Imagine if she hadn’t been able to reach us - she didn’t feel secure living on her own anymore.”

With the hope of finding a magical answer for Joyce, they started searching for retirement villages online.

Being locals to the Victoria Point area in Queensland, they were thrilled when a one-bedroom unit popped up at Salford Waters – at the low price of $110k. They decided to go and investigate.

“We said nothing to Joyce – we didn’t want to get her hopes up – we thought there had to be a catch,” says Lyn.

Met by Dorelle Weick, Stockland’s Salford Waters Sales Professional, they were given a tour of the community where Dorelle led them through the grounds, the local amenities and, most importantly, the costs.

“The community was so friendly and the grounds were clean and well looked after. As Dorelle took us through everything, we soon realised that there was no catch at all,” says Lyn. “It was so hard to believe that we had found something that suited us, as her nearest carers, that answered all of our questions and prayers.”

Now, it was time to get Joyce on board. On the same day, they brought the idea to Joyce and took her to the retirement village for an inspection.

Being young at heart, Joyce had always thought that retirement villages were for “old” people and had never considered living in one – until now.

“Her mind was made up in an instant,” says Lyn. “She loved the room – and loved the security. She just felt safe – which is exactly what you want when you’re her age.”

Joyce and her family were very happy with the financial advantages of living in the village, where meals, cleaning and upkeep are included in her payments.

“The best thing is that she doesn’t have to worry about paying a power bill – or worry about getting to the supermarket for food,” says Lyn. “The only bills she has to pay are the telephone account and insurance. With the inclusion of everything else, her financial situation is made easy for her and she can stick to a budget.”

Now at 95, and recovered from her injuries, Joyce loves the simplicity and independence she has in her new life at Salford Waters.

“She says moving there is the best thing she ever did,” says Lyn. “She’s healthy and active, playing bowls and doing what she loves  – she has a whole new lease on life.”

Joyce’s happiness brings joy and comfort to the entire family, especially when they can’t be around. Lyn and Keith are planning an overseas holiday, and have great peace of mind knowing Joyce’s community will be there for her.

“The chemist will deliver her medication. She can get a ride to the doctor. And we know there’s always someone there to check on her,” says Lyn. “She can even pop down to the hairdresser if she wants a hair cut.”

Keith and Lyn are so inspired by Joyce’s lifestyle that they’re considering a move to Salford Waters themselves.

“From day one, it’s been a great experience. From the moment we met Dorelle, she was just so welcoming and Joyce has received amazing care and treatment from the community,” says Lyn. “We can see how secure and happy she feels, so when the time comes for us – there’s no doubt we’ll make the move ourselves.”

If you or a family member would benefit from retirement village living, head to https://www.stockland.com.au/retirement-living to find out more.  


“Instilling a feeling of confidence and security within each resident is always at front of mind during the design process.”