06 September 2017   

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Looking towards the future, you want everything to be easier. For our residents, this is our top priority and this philosophy filters through each and every element of our retirement living villages.

We know there is a lot to consider when planning your retirement: home, health, financial security and community. Which is why we think ahead to support your lifestyle now and into the future.


How retirement living supports your needs

At home

New homes are designed to Silver Liveable Housing Australia Guidelines and a Green Star Rating. This means not only is your home more spacious and comfortable, with wider doorways for ease of mobility, but it’s also designed to adapt to your needs as they arise. Reinforced walls to cost-effectively install support rails and easy-grip taps and door handles to avoid any unnecessary physical discomfort.

“We are very conscious of our residents, and what will make a positive difference to their lives on a day to day basis,” says Sophie Pickett-Heaps, Co-Head of Design.

If you love your independence but are tired of household chores, serviced apartments include cooking, cleaning and laundry so you have more freedom to enjoy your time in the village.


Your health

Your wellbeing is our priority. Our villages have systems in place to ensure you can easily access doctors and healthcare services. The Benefits+ Health program brings a health professional to the village once a month to educate and inspire discussion among your community.

“The talks are so interesting,” says Phyllis, of Bay Village. “We learn things to make our lives easier – new exercises and practises. As far as my life is concerned, attending these sessions is a must-do.” 

The villages are also designed to encourage an active lifestyle, with easy walking access and outdoor activities. Beautifully manicured lawns and abundant vegetable gardens, along with fruit trees are the simple but vital touches to bring happiness to your every day.


Financial security

Your financial security is paramount. This is why we very clearly outline the costs of living in your village, so there are no surprises.

You can take comfort knowing you have freedom of choice after moving into a village. If you decide you want to move to a different Stockland village, we make this as easy as possible, continuing your contract from the previous village.

You even have the six months Change of Mind Guarantee, where we will refund all payments to your Stockland home if you change your mind. 

And if the time comes when you need to leave the village, we are partnered with Opal Aged Care and will support your move. We can also discuss financial options to help you fund the transition.



They say it takes a village to raise a child – well, it also takes a village to make the most of your retirement. Whether it’s the safety and security you feel from being surrounded by like-minded neighbours – or the comfort of a village manager, on hand to assist when you need it – our villages have a wonderful community feel.

“From day one, it’s been a great experience. From the moment she moved in, Joyce has received amazing care and treatment from the community,” says Lyn Weller, daughter-in-law of a Salford Waters resident.

For Phyllis at Bay Village, she’s found new friends and a whole new lease on life. “I feel very glad that I did come here – very glad indeed,” she says.


To make a future-proofed move, come and visit one of our retirement villages today. You may never want to leave.


“We are very conscious of our residents, and what will make a positive difference to their lives on a day to day basis.”