24 June 2016 3 min read

Planning for the future often involves the family and there are certain things to consider and discuss. This can include your current and future home, what sort of care and support you may need, your financial situation and proximity to friends and family.

With her four daughters grown and moved out of the family home, Giovanna was living alone in her house when she began to feel it was too much for her.

“The house was too big and required a fair amount of maintenance,” Giovanna says. “I needed help with a lot of things and felt that I was starting to become a burden on my family.”

Giovanna’s daughter Olga agrees it was a difficult time for her mother. “Mum can look after herself in many ways, but she needed help and company,” Olga says.

After feeling lonely and insecure, Giovanna says she knew it was time to move somewhere safe. “Retirement villages had interested me for some time,” Giovanna says.

Olga resisted the idea at the time, worrying about the financial costs and thinking her mum would feel more secure staying in the house she knew. But after visiting Macarthur Gardens, both of their minds were put at ease.

"Giovanna Cancellieri tells us how moving to Macarthur Gardens Retirement Village put her and her family’s mind at ease".

“I did the sums and work out financially it was fine, and I really liked how they weren’t pushy at all,” Olga confides.

Now happily settled into Macarthur Gardens, Giovanna says she no longer feels scared or lonely.

“The home is beautiful and just perfect for me and I have made lots of new friends,” says Giovanna. “We have lots of birthdays and barbecues at the Friendship Park and everyone is so helpful. I hope I have many years to enjoy here.”

Giovanna’s family couldn’t be happier. “I know we’ve all made the right decision,” says Olga. “Mum looks better than ever.”