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Deciding how and where you want to spend your retirement needs careful consideration. The key to a successful transition is to visit a village, chat to residents and staff, and see how it meets your needs and lifestyle.

A lifestyle investment

Ray and Kay Hunnam reveal the lifestyle benefits of moving into Arilla Village.

“Even if I had the option to go back to our old house, I wouldn’t,” says Ray. “We’ve moved on, and we couldn’t be happier.”

“That’s coming from a man who was never going to move to a retirement village!” Kay jokes. She goes on to say, “We really wanted to be able to enjoy our lives together with a lot less work to do and in a safe and friendly environment.”

The couple decided a retirement village might be the best option for their future plans. A real turning point for them was when some of Kay’s friends, who had recently moved to Arilla Village, invited the couple to join them at happy hour one Friday.

Ray and Kay ultimately chose a bright and spacious two-bedroom villa with a study and double garage. “Every time we came to the village here, we had questions for the Stockland Sales Professional. It was a surprise she didn’t get fed up with us! But she was always helpful and answered whatever questions we had,” Ray admits.

The sales team held the villa for Ray and Kay while the couple confirmed they were absolutely positive about their decision.

“During that time we rang Kate at the sales office to update her, but our real estate agent and Stockland were already working together,” says Kay.

On the day they moved in, they were greeted by a welcome wagon.

“The Village Manager brought us a welcome pack on our first day and some of the ladies here brought sandwiches and cake while we started unpacking,” says Kay.

“One of my friends here says the same thing almost every time I see him: ‘Does it get any better than this?’” says Kay. “He says it every week with a smile on his face and he’s right. Life can’t get better than this!”