24 June 2016 3 min read

When choosing a Stockland retirement village, you can be assured that your new home is in a community which meets rigorous industry standards. Stockland is proud to be the first Australian village operator to gain full accreditation under the Lifemark Village Scheme.

An initiative of the retirement living industry, this national accreditations scheme is audited by an external body, the British Standards Institute, and designed to ensure residents live a comfortable and safe lifestyle in an ethically managed village.

Here’s a quick overview of how the standards are applied at retirement villages managed by Stockland:

It’s important to be able to continue the lifestyle you love with as little disruption as possible. We focus on the kinds of social activities you can access, the various transport options available and ensure you are involved in the village decision-making process.

Feeling supported and being a valued member of the village community is essential. We ensure information is communicated to you in an efficient manner and that you are aware of everything the village has to offer.

People and staff
Maintaining a comfortable and enjoyable village environment is a key part of the Lifemark Village Scheme. We evaluate the performance of village staff and ensure they are meeting your needs and respecting your privacy.

For a village to feel like home, you need to feel safe and secure.  Our goal is to make all residents aware of the emergency arrangements in place at their village.

You can have peace of mind knowing our villages comply with financial reporting, insurance, occupational health and safety, and food and catering standards. 

Village policy
Every one of our villages has a process in place for dispute resolution, maintenance and participation in resident meetings.

How can I spot a Lifemark village?

Only villages accredited under the Lifemark Village Scheme are allowed to display the Lifemark logo at their village, on their website or on any other materials. When making an enquiry about a village, feel free to ask if they are accredited under the Lifemark Village Scheme.