24 June 2016 4 min read

"I use the exercise equipment most days of the week even though I never had a gym membership before we moved to Fig Tree. I know that it is important to keep active and I feel good about myself afterwards."

"I’m part of the Tai Chi group and I’m going to get involved in the water aerobics too. Having all of these activities happening right here on your doorstep means you can easily give them a try." Geraldine

"We still maintain the same lifestyle that we had before we moved in, but we’ve made more friends and enjoyed being involved in village life.”

"We feel that we’ve moved at the right time in our lives. It is best to make the move while you can fully enjoy the benefits of all the facilities, then by taking part you feel more involved and meet more people. The more people we get to know, the more at home we feel at Fig Tree." Bruce

"Our friends are always impressed by the facilities when they come to the village to stay with us at our unit." 

"Our stress levels have definitely gone down which is an important factor for us. I believe that property maintenance is a major hidden cause of stress especially as your property gets older. Having someone else to worry about those jobs is one of the major benefits of living here."