24 June 2016 4 min read

Recently retired couple Julian and Merrilyn Lochowicz are enjoying settling into life at Murray River Retirement Village in Mandurah, WA.

“We’ve looked after our future by making the move now to a retirement community,” Julian said. “Having worked hard all our lives it will be good to have more time to enjoy ourselves. “We love travelling in our caravan so moving to Murray River gives us the chance to ‘lock up and leave’ knowing someone will keep an eye on our home. “That feeling of security and not worrying about maintenance gives us more time to do things we already enjoy like visiting our family and our retired friends. We’re just back from a cruise which we really enjoyed.

“It is lovely to know the pressure is off and we can make the most of our more relaxed lifestyle. I still enjoy cooking, fishing and travelling but now we have time we feel more at ease.”

“We have maintained our independence, which is important to us. We still see a lot of our family and friends so that hasn’t changed since we moved, we just have more time,” he said.

    What has changed,

    • Our new home is fully refurbished with all the ‘mod cons’
    • We feel secure when we ‘lock up and leave’
    • I’m looking forward to trying bowls for the first time
    • There is more time for cooking and fishing and no more mowing the lawn
    • We have more opportunities to socialise with our fellow residents within the village
    What hasn’t changed,
    • We still value our privacy and independence
    • It is still important to us to lend a hand for others when we can
    • We still see our family often
    • Our friends still come to visit us at our new home
    • We actively enjoy the same interests that make us who we are