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Read about our helpful tips on how you can get started on your retirement journey.

Making the move to a Stockland Retirement Village may be one of those things you’ve had to pause.  We have put together some simple tips that you can focus on to help get you started on your journey to retirement living. 

1. Decluttering

If you are selling your home, a clean decluttered look is the best way for buyers to see how the rooms and spaces work. However, decluttering can seem like a huge task, and easier said than done. Experts suggest that you don’t try to tackle this all at once - break the tasks into smaller bite-sized challenges and work at each until it is completed. 

For example, each room could be a separate task where you declutter one at a time. When trying to weed through items, ask yourself, “have I used this in the last two years?”. Quickly you will see that reducing the contents of your house helps you to declutter your mind also, taking away the added stress of having too much ‘stuff’. 

Quick tip: Before you start, get some large rubbish bags or plastic/cardboard boxes to place unwanted items into.  

2. Gardening

Not only is gardening a lovely and relaxing task to do on a sunny day, it is also great preparation for selling a house. You know your garden best, but some simple things that can be done to spruce up your backyard are: 

  • Reduce the lawn size. This will neaten up the area and provide a well-kept look
  • Less is more. Re-arrange feature plants or pot plants to be minimal and show off the wide spaces and entrances. A good rule of thumb is to ensure enough walk space where you don’t brush plants as you pass.
  • Prune conservatively. Remove dead branches and growth. Where required apply the 1/3 rule – only trim 1/3 of the good wood, this is just enough to encourage new growth. Not all plants should be pruned at the same time so check the optimum pruning season for your plants. Consider when your home is to be viewed – while a freshly pruned bush will produce wonderful growth, it could look a little a little barren before it does.
  • General weeding and raking. Spend some time removing weeds in the garden beds and raking up dropped leaves and twigs. This will really add the finishing touch. And don’t forget to use your green waste bin! If you don’t have one, try asking a neighbour to borrow theirs. 


3. Home Maintenance

Making small improvements around the home in preparation for selling can make all the difference to a buyer and also help you get the best price possible. Below are some affordable and practical quick fixes: 

  • Fresh paint to freshen and brighten up the interior. Ensure to select fresh, neutral tones and avoid ‘fad’ colours  that will date. This is especially important if your home doesn’t receive much natural light throughout the day.
  • Plumbing repairs such as dripping taps and toilets are important to repair as buyers consider sound plumbing a very important factor when buying.
  • Electrical repairs are extremely important, especially for safety reasons. Have an electrician come do a check for anything that may be faulty or worn and needing replacement.
  • Interior furnishings and fittings are important to buyers as it shows off the potential of their new home. Consider replacing old door handles and hinges, window furnishings and, bathroom items such as toilet seats and shower curtains. These are all small items and easily replaced, but can make a dramatic change to the presentation of your home.


4. Speak to your people

There are many different people to consult when you’re considering your next move. Below is a list of key contacts that will help make the process easier:

  • Financial Planner 
  • Legal Consultant 
  • Stockland Sales Professional
  • Real Estate Agent 


If you would like to learn more, please phone 1800 72 71 70. We look forward to speaking with you!