24 June 2016 4 min read

Rhonda and Bruce Rowan have been at Macarthur Gardens since June 2012.

“It wasn’t until I found out about the village through a friend that I started considering the move. She was actually looking at coming here and showed me some brochures…I really liked the look of Nandina." Rhonda said. “I went on the net and did some more research and mentioned it to my husband. He was completely against it but I kept chipping away at him.

“We had a big house – with a swimming pool. I kept thinking ‘what are we doing here’. “There was also so much going in our previous area, it was all going to get congested,” she added.

“We’ve always had the attitude that it’s better to move into a retirement village while we’re still active to maximise all aspects of village life.”

“We didn’t want to be in our late 80s moving into a village and not being able to participate fully in all the activities and services available to us.” “We started thinking, ‘in 10 years time, how am I my going to keep up with all the house work and maintenance?’ And then in ’10 years time am I going to be able to pack up and move to a village?”

“We decided we should get in early so we can be as involved – or not involved. We had a choice,” Rhonda said.

 “We just love village life here at Macarthur Gardens. I was doing warm water exercises and I’d love to do Tai Chi . We also attend all the major events in the clubhouse. “We’re both social creatures – we’re what’s called ‘stayers’. My husband goes up to happy hour by himself; he sits with the single women and looks after them!"