Hear from the residents at Aspire Elara on why moving to this Over 55's community is a lifestyle choice.

Rob and Thelma Nichols Testimonials

Hear from Rob and Thelma Nichols on why they chose Aspire at Elara as their new home.

John and Juanita Cruickshank Testimonials

John and Juanita Cruickshank had no intention of moving but they immediately changed their minds when they visited Aspire at Elara. Watch this video and find out what features of Aspire they love most.

Grace Carney Tesitmonials

Community is at the heart of Aspire, Elara and that is why Grace Carney decided to move in two years earlier than what she had already planned. Listen to her full story in the video below.

Jeff and Elizabeth Osland Testimonials

From walk-in pantry to spacious 1.5 garage and close proximity to their family, Jeff and Elizabeth Osland finally found a home that they both love at Aspire Elara.

Scott Forbes, Development Manager

Hear from Scott Forbes, Stockland's Developement Manager, on what made Aspire at Elara different from other over 55's livings.