20 April 2018 4 min read

Living in an Aspire community can be an exciting prospect with many new opportunities ahead. The key to a successful transition to retirement is making sure your new home is the right size for you – and that may mean some rightsizing is needed before you move.

Rightsizing means reducing the amount of unneeded possessions that are cluttering up your life. Depending on how long you have lived in your current home, and how large it is, this may require a little determination and a clear plan. We have gathered together a few handy tips to help you rightsize with confidence:

1. Create a list
Writing down the things that you literally can’t live without as well as your most-cherished items will help you say goodbye to the things that don’t make the cut.

2. Break the task into bite-sized pieces
Trying to downsize a whole house can be overwhelming for even the most motivated mover. By starting in advance and setting a little bit of time aside each day to do one closet or cabinet at a time, it will be a much easier task.

3. Be decisive
Make a yes or no decision but do your best to avoid the “maybe” pile. Being indecisive ultimately delays the final decision, but it still needs to be made. If you’re having trouble letting go of things you can’t fit into your new home, such as collections and memorabilia, consider taking photos of the items and storing them digitally instead.

4. Giving away is easier than throwing away
For those who find it hard to throw out anything, here’s a tip to ease your stress: give things to people who need or want them. Donate to op shops or gift to family or friends, and give yourself a pat on the back for brightening someone’s day.

5. Make downsizing worth your while
Need to get rid of some large items that won’t fit in your new abode? Have a few unwanted things that are worth a bit of money? Upsize your bank balance by selling online or through a garage sale.