11 February 2020   

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Free community bus service at Elara to help commuters get to and from Schofields Railway Station

Stockland would like to confirm that the free community bus service at Elara will continue to service our local residents until the end of 2020.
The free community bus is here to help commuters get to and from Schofields Railway Station until additional public transport options become available.

The service aims to respond to the needs of the community; matching up with the train timetable where possible. The bus operates Monday to Friday, between 5am-9am and 4pm-8.30pm, picking up and delivering passengers to a number of bus stops within Elara approximately every 30-45 minutes. Please see below a timetable of approximate departure and arrival times, as well as bus stop locations.




 The following conditions of carriage apply to all passengers travelling on the services:
1. Passengers are requested not to talk to the driver while the vehicle is in transit.
2. Passengers shall not consume food or drink in the vehicle.
3. Passengers shall not bring an animal on to the vehicle unless it is an approved guide or assistance animal.
4. Passengers shall not place feet on seats.
5. Passengers shall not put anything in the aisles of the vehicle that is likely to cause an obstruction or injury to someone.
6. Passengers are not to play musical instruments on the vehicle.
7. All sound equipment shall be operated at a reasonable level with earphones attached, so as not to cause a disturbance to other passengers.

Enquiries and Complaints:
After first three months of service passengers may lodge complaints and enquiries to TransDev by phone between 8am-5pm Weekdays on (02) 8724 3060 and voicemail will be provided after hours. After three months from the Commencement Date, passenger complaints and enquiries must be lodged by email at tdnsw.complaints@transdev.com.au

If you would like to provide feedback on the Elara Community Shuttle Bus service, you can also contact TransDev by phone between 8am-5pm Weekdays on (02) 8724 3060.

For ongoing updates of this service and more information on the route, please monitor this webpage or 'like' the Stockland Elara Facebook page.