08 December 2017   

3 min read
Here at Aspire Elara, we have a great team of people that are ready to help you find a home for your freedom years.

Meet Nathan Donn, the Development Manager at Aspire by Stockland. Nathan has a strong background in construction and also works on the Willowdale Retirement Village project so he has a great understanding of our customers and their needs. 


My name’s Nathan Donn, I’m the Development Manager for Aspire by Stockland at Marsden Park and I’ve been at Stockland for just over a year.


Q: Tell us about Aspire at Elara. 

A: Aspire by Stockland at Marsden Park is a purpose built community, situated in the middle of our Elara master plan development. It’s close to the planned shops, the homes are all architecturally designed and situated around our clubhouse which is within the middle of the community.


Q: Tell us about the homes at Aspire.

A: The homes at Aspire, they’re all architecturally designed homes but they’re actually designed for the ageing in place. What does that mean? That means there’s no steps, they’re all step free.

What else do you have? You’ve got larger bedrooms, you’ve got larger bathrooms so they can be adapted if required, if you need the handrails for the future.

What other items are key to ageing in place? Larger garages so it’s easier for parking and to get in and out of. The light switches are designed for ease of use, they’re larger rocker switches, and then similar for the power points.


Q: What makes Aspire designed for over 55s?

A: The homes are architecturally designed, ready for use. They’re turn-key, they’ve got blinds, they’ve got all of the finishes that you can think of.

Saying that, you can adapt the homes at a later date. If you want to move in and you think you would like an external canopy or external blinds, that’s easy to do through what’s called the Community Management Statement, and that just gives the rules around you can and what you can’t do.


Q: What do residents have to look forward to at the Clubhouse?

A: The key things - we’ve got a beautiful outdoor heated pool, fully landscaped gardens that are situated around the clubhouse. Within the clubhouse itself, you walk straight through the lobby, you’ve got fantastic views down through the pool, you’ve got a billiards area, you’ve got a library den reading area. Through into a wonderful, large open lounge area, situated around the fireplace, which flows straight into where the bar and the kitchen are, which is for the residents’ use. Essentially it’s an extension of the residents’ home. This is where you can bring friends, bring your family, or just go up and see your friends within the village.

We’ve also got an outdoor barbecue area, which is covered for outdoor dining, on those summer afternoons you can have a barbecue and relax next to the pool. Around the pool, you’ve got deck chairs, you’ve got a relaxed atmosphere, nice and easy for the afternoon to while away your days.


Q: What would you tell someone thinking about making the move?

A: The move to Aspire is all about the freedom years. What does that mean? It means you can downsize your home but you don’t have to downsize your lifestyle. The Aspire community is perfectly situated within the Elara wider development. What does that mean? It means it’s close to shops, it’s close to transport, it’s close to the amenities you’re after, whether that’s medical centre, pharmacy, or your doctors.

And also what you’re after is a wonderful clubhouse where you can bring your friends and family and enjoy it as the extension to your home.


If Aspire by Stockland at Marsden Park is something that you’re interested in, please call 1800 72 71 70 to speak to our fantastic sales professional who will be able to lead you through the journey.